Packages for weddings in Zante

Packages for weddings in Zante consist of many different options including flower arches, bride's bouquets, wedding party flowers, horse drawn carriages, cruiseliner receptions -you name it and Zante wedding planners will arrange it for your wedding in Zante!

Zante Wedding photography and video packages, translation of papers and legal papers, wedding cakes and much more. Zante wedding planners take full responsibility for the orders required for your wedding. They organize and oversee the translation of the necessary paperwork including your final marriage license.

Zante Wedding planners arrange and conduct your wedding ceremony in Zante. The actual civil wedding ceremony in Zante, by law, is conducted in Greek, alongside an English translation. This adheres with local marriage laws.

Wedding locations in Zante

Wedding locations for destination weddings in Zante take place in a wide variety of locations. You may choose to marry in a garden area of a villa or hotel grounds, surrounded with beautiful flora.

Most popular for destination weddings in Zante, also known as Zakynthos, in the Greek Islands, are the Zante beach weddings, with the ceremony taking place either on a Zante beach, or just above the beach in a garden right by the sea.

 Zante Wedding planners also provide wedding locations in Zante near a poolside, perhaps in the grounds of the hotel or villa where you are staying.

Weddings in Zante may also take place on a clifftop - or in fact in just about any Zante wedding location you might you may choose in Zakynthos.

This makes it much more romantic than having a civil wedding conducted in a town hall or a registry office!




photography and video for WEDDINGS IN zante, ZAKYNTHOS, GREEk islands

Weddings in Zante Zante wedding planners in Zakynthos Zante Wedding photography and video DVD Zante Wedding locations in Zakynthos

Long after your big day is over, you will want to look back on memories and moments from your wedding in Zante.

There is no better way to capture memories of weddings in Zante than with wedding photography and video packages.

Whatever Zante wedding locations  for weddings and receptions in Zante we work closely with Zante wedding planners to produce your unique Zante 'Wedding Story' photography and video packages.


Zante Wedding planners for destination weddings

in Zante also known as Zakynthos in the Greek Islands, Zante wedding planners personally arrange your necessary appointments in the town hall and ensure that your wedding in Zante is planned with the utmost care. Zante Wedding planners see to your every need on your behalf when planning your wedding in Zante.

It is important to choose a wedding planner in Zante who will provide a personal service and will be at your wedding in person.

Certain wedding planners in Zante now arrange a few weddings on the same day - and obviously that will mean they will not be available in person to oversee your wedding day - they usually place assistants to cover your actual wedding - which may not suit your requirements. Do check the wedding planner will actually be available for attendance at your wedding before finalizing arrangements with them.

 Wedding planners in Zakynthos are able to plan your dream wedding to make your wedding on "The Island of Dreams" a momentous occasion - at a fraction of the price thta it would cost to plan your own wedding in the UK


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