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Zante weddings can take place in a variety of location venues in Zante, also known as Zakynthos, in the Greek Islands.

You may choose to hold weddings in Zante in a shaded garden, or opt for a beach wedding in Zante. Zakynthos, on one of Zante's a beautiful beaches.

Many wedding planners in Zante, Zakynthos provide for the option of you choosing your Zante wedding at your accommodation base, near a poolside or in the gardens of your hotel in Zante.

You may choose to have your wedding ceremony for your Zante wedding on a cliff side, or in fact in just about any place you choose in Zakynthos.

Weddings in Zante are both civil and religious and with such beautiful locations in Zante for weddings it can be much more romantic to have your wedding in Zakynthos than having the wedding conducted in a town hall or registry office at home.

Zante Wedding packages consist of many different options for your Zante Wedding ceremony and wedding receptions in Zakynthos. You can choose a variety of options for weddings in Zante. Zante wedding planners including  romantic flower arches, bridal bouquets, horse drawn carriages, cruiseliner receptions, photographer and videographers for weddings in Zante, translation of papers, wedding cakes and much more.


Wedding Reeptions in Zante
You can opt for your wedding reception to be held at a local Greek taverna, or alternatively at a luxurious international cuisine restaurant right on a beach in Zante. Many couples marrying in a destination wedding in Zante choose a Greek style Barbeque in a garden or villa reception location.


There are Zante wedding locations in  Zakynthos which incorporate great reception venues, to suit every taste, style and budget.

You can also choose to take your  wedding guests on a sunset cruise to provide a boat trip after your Zante wedding ceremony and photographs, Catering can be arranged on board a cruiseliner in Zante  for a Zante wedding reception with a difference!

Wedding receptions can be held anywhere on the island of Zakynthos. Wedding planners for Zante Weddings provide a wide selection of reception venue options for you to choose from, all of which offer exciting menu choices for your wedding meal.







Weddings in ZanteZante wedding planners in ZakynthosZante Wedding photography and video DVDZante Wedding locations in Zakynthos

Throughout the beautiful island of Zante there are many splendid locations and venues for weddings in Zante. Whether you choose to get married in a Church, be it Greek Orthodox or Catholic, or outdoors in a Civil Ceremony, there are plenty of options to match your wedding day dreams.

Zante Wedding planners, residing in Zakynthos arrange weddings all over the island of Zakynthos in a number of stunning locations. including beach wedding locations.

Beach Weddings in Zante Zakynthos

Zante Beach Weddings are the most popular option for weddings in the sun in Zakynthos, Zante. There are a number of different Zante beaches around the island of Zakynthos where you can choose to get married. In many Zante beach weddings,  Zante beach wedding locations are decorated by wedding planners in Zante with arches , flowers, covered chairs, and even red carpets - all can be set up on an area by the beach or on the beach itself wherever you choose to hold your Zante wedding ceremony - so you can have total luxury for your wedding ceremony as the waves lap in.

Balcony Weddings in Zante Zakynthos

Weddings in Zante at the Balcony Boutique Hotel North of Zante Town near Tsilivi on the Island of Zakynthos are among the most popular weddings in Zante.

The Balcony Hotel has a beautiful garden area where guests can relax and enjoy a breathtaking sea view. Weddings in Zante at the Balcony Hotel are always elegant and comfortable. Wedding receptions at the Balcony Hotel are usually held in the late afternoon. We are able to capture great sunset shots in Zante wedding photographs and video of the happy couple at the Balcony Hotel. The sunsets at the Balcony Boutique Hotel in Zante are always spectacular.

Greek Orthodox Weddings in Zante Zakynthos

Zante Wedding planners also help to organize Greek Orthodox Weddings in Greece. Usng the services of wedding planners in Zante help to take the stress out of planning your big day on the island of Zakynthos

We love capturing 'Zante wedding stories' for Zante wedding photographs and video  in the beautiful ornate Greek Orthodox churches in Zakynthos - they are always really magical wedding experiences.

Catholic Church Weddings in Zante Zakynthos

Many Irish Catholic couples come to Zante to get married with a religious service, usually held in Zante Town. Wedding planners in Zante provide the chance for couples to get married in the beautiful Saint Marcos church in Zante Town. Catholic weddings in Zante, Zakynthos include a service in English with a full religious wedding service. Guests then go on to enjoy wedding receptions, usually at Zante beach wedding locations.

Seascape Beach Weddings in Zante Zakynthos

Beach weddings in Zante offer the chance to get married by the sea. Wedding planners provide Zante beach weddings in many wedding locations in Zante, offering beach wedding locations in Zante, either above the beach so you can have a beach wedding without sand between your toes, or right o a sandy beach, if you really want the bare-foot beach wedding.

 Beach weddings in Zante at Vadiola take place in a grass garden with the waves of the Ionion sea lapping in around you. Beach weddings in Zante at Vadiola include a beautiful intimate ceremony set in a lovely grass area above the sea, forming a perfect backdrop for your zante wedding photographs and video

Turtle Island Weddings at Marathonisi in Zante Zakynthos

Weddings on Turtle Island in Zakynthos with Zante Weddings are what dreams are made of. Getting married on your own deserted island, with white sand and turquoise waters, this is an amazing Zante Wedding location. Your guests are taken to the island by boat and the couple enjoys a really unique island Zante wedding day.

Cameo Island Weddings in Zante Zakynthos

Cameo Island is located just between the resorts of Agios Sostis and Laganas, linked to the mainland by a rickety wooden bridge. Many couples are choosing to rent out Cameo Island for an exclusive wedding venue. You get married with the sea behind you at Cameo island in Zante and stunning white flags flying overhead.

Garden Weddings in Zante Zakynthos

Garden Weddings with Zante Weddings are always relaxed and intimate. During the hot summer months in Zakynthos a Garden Wedding offers shade from the sun and a private wedding atmosphere. The bride and groom often heads down to the beach for photographs and videography after the wedding. 

Wedding Receptions in Zante Zakynthos

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