Watersports on holidays in Zante
Zante beaches are alive with a wide selection watersports and diving facilities with some of the larger resorts providing an exciting selection of watersports from the main beaches.

The St Nichols Watersports Centre at St Nicholas beach in Vasilikos has a free rturn bus trip daily to and from the main resorts in Zante.

Many of the beaches on the South West Coiastline in Zante Zakynthos have restricted watersports facilites due to the nesting of the caretta caretta sea turtles in the Bay of Laganas over he summer months. Such beaches as Laganas and Kalamaki usually allow pedaloe and canoes as watersports activities.

The larger beaches on the East Coast tend to have the best selection of watersports available in Zante





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enjoy watersports fun in zante

If you would like to learn a new skill during your holiday in Zante, or brush up on an existing hobby, there are various options for scuba diving courses around the island of Zakynthos. The average visibility of 20-40 meters and warm sea water temperatures, make Zakynthos an ideal location for scuba and snorkelling diving holidays in Europe.


The Ionion Sea around Zakynthos is one of the best scuba diving locations in Europe with a wide variety of stunning topography, breathtaking walls, drop offs, overhangs, caves, caverns and wrecks! The rich and varied marine life in Zakynthos includes octopus, barracuda, moray eels, large grouper, tuna, giant loggerhead turtles (Caretta Caretta), crayfish, langusta, white bream, bluefish, dolphins, greater amberjacks, parrotfish and many other reef fish.

The average surface temperature of the water is around 27C in Zakynthos. With crystal clear waters, with a visibility ranging from 20-40 meters, conditions for scuba diving in Zakynthos are ideal for underwater videography and photography, as well as very pleasant for scuba diving and snorkelling.

There are a number of Scuba Diving Centres in Zante – close to the main resorts around the island.


St Nicholas beach Diving Centre operate a PADI Resort diving centre (registration number 35276) with training courses and numerous dive sites for divers of all levels in Zakynthos. Whether a beginner to scuba diving, needing a sheltered bay for your first underwater scuba diving experience, or you are a qualified scuba diver, the vast variety of dive sites which St. Nicholas Beach Diving Centre has to offer provide great scuba diving in Zakynthos.

With a full range of scuba diving courses, with boat and shore available, St Nicholas beach Diving Centre operate introductory courses every day, with P.A.D.I. Open-water advanced rescue diver certification courses operating weekly.

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving programme run by St Nicholas beach Diving Centre lets you experience the thrill of diving under the supervision of PADI Professional instructors to master some basic concepts, scuba diving skills and ready to experience an open water scuba dive. All scuba dives are recorded and available on DVD.

St Nicholas beach Diving Centre teach PADI certification courses from PADI Open Water Diver up to PADI Divemaster. Especially for beginners, they offer a 'Discover Scuba Diving' program, an open water dive, duration typically 45 minutes on a reef teeming with aquatic life under the supervision of a PADI instructor.

They have a fully licenced and insured 7.0 metre diving rib custom-built with full oxygen and first aid kit on board, as well as all other safety equipment such as flares, life jackets, life rafts, sonar, VHF radio with DSC and GPS, strictly adhering to PADI standards, which means a depth limit of 18m for Open Water divers, 30m for Advanced divers and 40m for divers with Deep speciality.

Scuba Diving sites in Zakynthos of the St Nicholas beach Diving Centre include Black Rock, Keri Swim Through,Swim Through Reef, The Chimney, the Arch De Triumph, Two Columns, Barracuda Reef, Lobster Reef, Octopus Reef, Marathonisi Island, Gerakas Point, Ridge Reef, Porto Roma Reef, Anchor Reef, St Nick's Reef and St Nick's Lobster Reef.

St Nicholas Watersports Centre, on the beach of St Nicholas in Vasilikos provides a Free courtesy bus to and from all main resorts in Zakynthos to St Nicholas beach in Vasilikos.


Eurodivers is a registered PADI and BSAC Resort Scuba Diving school and dive centre, situated on Laganas beach on the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos - Zante. They have a team of multilingual scuba dive professionals, operating seven days a week throughout the summer in Zakynthos. They offer courses and try dives for beginners to scuba diving, and day trips for certified scuba divers - in a safe and friendly atmosphere, in many European languages.

Eurodivers on Laganas beach teach PADI certification courses from PADI Open Water Diver up to PADI Divemaster. Especially for beginners, they offer the 'Try Dive' program, upon successful completion of which you will be able to go out diving in an open water environment with an instructor. We offer underwater photo and DVD services, so you can take home a memory of your diving experience with us.

Eurodivers, pride themselves on providing a professional service to qualified and non-qualified scuba divers, with boat diving from their purpose-built dive boat on some very beautiful and unique sites in Zakynthos and around the island of Zante. They cater for divers of all levels, from first time try scuba diving to advanced cave and cavern scuba diving.

For qualified divers, Eurodivers offer:

•Cave Diving
•Night Diving
•Wreck Diving
•Boat Diving
•U / W Photograhy & Videography
•Reef and Wall Diving


The Diving Centre Turtle beach at Limni Keri in South West Zakynthos is located directly at the beach of Limni Keriou also known as Keri beach.
The Diving Centre Turtle beach place great importance on safety in the scuba diving base. When checking in at The Diving Centre Turtle beach, a scuba diving certificate of diving fitness, brevet and logbook must be presented. A check dive will be carried out by professional staff.

The Diving Centre Turtle beach have a 12 x 4 meter diving boat - the pride and joy of the base. It is approved for 40 persons. But the diving base only allows 24 divers on each trip so that comfort is ensured on the boat. The boat is equipped with 30 scuba tank supports, diving platform with two ladders, sufficient place for the boxes, a cabin for things which must not get wet, toilet and fresh water. The safety equipment comprises satellite broadcasting, first aid box, oxygen, life raft, and life belts.

Diving courses at The Diving Centre Turtle beach according to CMAS (up to gold) and PADI (up to Divemaster) are offered. You can book individual training or training in very small groups, in German, English, Dutch, Italian or Greek.

The Diving Centre Turtle beach travel to as many as 15 different scuba diving locations (of up to max. 40 meters in depth), several times each day throughout the summer holiday season in Zakynthos. Locations for scuba diving include huge rocks, enormous cave systems, dark grottos and caves, and archways flooded with light. A great variety of species can be observed in the crystal waters in the crevices, cavities and between the piles of rocks which are covered with red vegetation.

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