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The traditional village of Louha in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands is one of our favorite places to spend a summer afternoon - enjoying the breeze from the Louha valley below and really delicious local food. Louha is typical of the villages in the centre of Zakynthos.

In days gone by Louha was considered to be more affluent than most of the other mountain villages due to the fertile valley which runs to the south of the village. As you enter Louha you drive through pine forests, continuing past a ruined Venetian Windmill, from where you can look down on the village.


Visit the traditioal village of Louha in the central region of Zakynthos Zante Greek islands


Peace and quiet in Louha
Louha is a really beautiful traditional village, well worth the drive away from the resorts to reach this charming and peaceful spot.

We love having lunch at the Coffee House in Louha and soaking up the beautiful Greek ambience.

Coach tours, jeep safaris, and a number of other excursions operate daily around Zakynthos island so you can make the most of all the island has to offer. Alternatively, you can also hire a car or bike in Zante and explore Zakynthos at your own pace!



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charming greek village of louha in zakynthos

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The small village of Louha, with a delightfully traditional ambience, just before the town of Agios Leon, is hidden high in the hills.

The traditional Zante Village of Louha in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands

Many of the old buildings in Louha were constructed in the nineteenth century at a time when the Greeks had thrown off the Ottoman yoke and had become more affluent. Situated at the bottom of the hill in the village, the church in Louha is of typical Venetian style. The bell tower was added in 1843, when more funding was available. Opposite the church in Louha is a fine town house. In the upper storey, small windows give light to a storage area, constructed to provide an extra barrier against the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

While you’re at the Church in Louha, visit the Coffee Shop, for a touch of traditional Greek Cuisine. This is a charming spot, in the heart of the village, where you can be sure of wonderful hospitality and service. Here you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the valley as you relax over a meal or refreshments. The ‘meal of the day’ is prepared at the Coffee Shop in traditional Greek style, in a hospitable Greek mountain village atmosphere.

As you wander the lanes surrounding the church in Louha you’ll spot a large uninhabited house. Deserted for over fifty years, the house was badly damaged in the earthquake of 1953. The occupants, who emigrated from Zakynthos, left no trace of their whereabouts. Due to Greek property law, nothing can be done in regards to this house until the owners have been traced. Also in the lane you’ll spot the Village Flour Mill, a low building which was still in use until 1985.

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