Zant boat trips from Skinari
You can take brilliant boat trips and tours while on holiday in Zante at really affordable prices.

Be sure to visit the far North of Zakynthos Zante in the Greek islands and enjoy boat trips from the lighthouse to the Blue Caves and the famous Shipwreck beach at Navagio Bay.

Coach tours and jeep safaris, and a number of other excursions operating from the main resorts in Zante also depart daily with tours around Zakynthos island, which often include the far northern resort village of Skinari.

You can visit the traditional village resort of Skinari by hiring a car or bike in Zante and explore Zakynthos at your own pace!


Visit the Zante traditional village of Skinari whereyou can take boat trips to he blue caves and visit the Skinari Windmills in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands


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The church in the traditional village of skinari in far North of Zante Zakyntho Greek islands

The village of Korithi, also known as Skinari in Zakynthos Zante in the Greek islands is on the most northern tip of the island of Zante, and is perhaps one of the most untouched natural holiday locations on the island of Zante Zakynthos. The houses here are extremely charming, many of them with whitewashed stone walls and sprawling bougainvillea flowers.

There are two churches in the village of Korithi. The first is a large white church, perched on the top of the hill looking over the neighbouring island of Kefalonia and the expansive Ionian Sea. The second church is far smaller, nestled in the heart of the Skinari village. Both are charming examples of Greek architecture and beauty.

Take boat trips to th Blue Caves and the beach at Shipwreck from skinari at teh lighouse in the Skinari resort

The village of Korithi at Skinari provides the entrance to the region of Skinari and you will drive through it on your way to the Skinari Lighthouse, Windmills and Blue Caves. This is one of our favourite regions of the island because of its unspoilt beauty, natural Greek charm, and fantastic boat trips from this northern point of Zakynthos.

The best way to visit the Blue Caves of Skinari and also to the Shipwreck bech at Navagio bay is from the lighthoue at Skinari, with the Potamitis Brothers. The combined boat trip with the POtamitis brothers is fr more economical than many other departure points and you have the advantage of doing two trips in one at the same time.

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