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Keri is a very traditiopnal and charming village in the region of Keri in the far South West of Zante. The views from the village at Keri are breathtaking.

Further on through the village at Keri you heqad on up to the Keri lighhouse from where the sunsets at Keri are considered to be among the most spectacular in the Greek islands.

At Keri hoisted from the taverna beneath the lighthouse you see the largest Greek flag flying at full mast.

The views from the taverna beneath the lighthouse of the Keri Cliffs and the sunsets are truly amazing.


Visit the Zante village oif Keri in Zakynthos Greek islands with the most amazing sunsets in Zakynthos

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The traditional village of Keri is located 20 kilometres south west of Zakynthos Town. It is a quiet and charming village made up of traditional stone houses and narrow streets with a population of about 700 inhabitants. The village is set in the hills above the beach of Keri.

Keri is a mountain village and has a quaint lighthouse which looks out over the western cliffs and the Ionian Sea. From here you will enjoy views over the famous caves of Keri with their sparkling emerald waters. From Keri Lighthouse you can also admire the most fantastic sunset which some say are the best in Greece.

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