Zante village of Exo Hora

The small mountainous village of Exo Hora is located 36 kilometres from the capital of Zakynthos Town and is one of the very few villages to have kept its traditional old houses after the disastrous earthquake in Zante in 1953.

The Zante village of Exo Hora is very interesting and well worth a wander around to admire the beautiful old stone wells and its charming traditional Zakynthian buildings. Many of the homes here are painted in traditional Zakynthian colours – mainly a deep red.

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exo chora village in zante zakynthos

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The 17th century Church of Agios Nikolaos is the church of Exo Hora village and houses a superb icon-screen dating back to 1700 as well as many other valuable religious icons.

In Exo Hora you can also stop and admire the wonderful old plane tree which dominates the centre of the village square, which is reputed to be over five hundred years old. Just opposite this tree is a Victory Memorial, which was built to commemorate the sites of famous battles fought by the Greeks.

  • The ancient battle sites of Marathon, Thermopylai, Salamina (Salamis) and Plataiai are shown here, alongside more modern battle sites, such as Messalonghi from the Greek war against the Ottoman Empire, Tepeni from the Second World War and Grammos from the Greek Civil War in 1948. The commemorative message on the memorial can be translated as “Liberty or Death”.
  • To the right of the memorial, in a field behind a dry stone wall, are a collection of cairns. These wells were built by the British when they controlled the Ionian Islands in the early nineteenth century.
  • At that time British troops had been garrisoned inside the Castle, overlooking the town of Zakynthos. Following a very dry winter, there had been an acute water shortage at the Castle. British engineers who had surveyed Zakynthos had noted that because the field outside Exo Hora flooded during heavy rain, it would provide an ideal location for wells to be built. Water could then be transported when necessary down to the main town.

You can take brilliant day trips while on holiday in Zante at really affordable prices. There are a number of organized boat trips, to spectacular locations such as the the Keri caves, the Blue Caves, Shipwreck Beach and Marathonisi Island. You will be amazed by the natural beauty here in Zante and the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

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