Holiday of a Lifetime in Zante
The picturesque village of Agia Marina is worth a wander around if you are passing through the central region of the island of Zakynthos in the Greek islands.

 Agia Marina is a really traditional Zante Village the beautiful church and bell tower have been declared protected historical buildings and serve as a very pretty example of Zakynthian architecture.

Coach tours, jeep safaris, and a number of other excursions operate daily around Zakynthos island so you can make the most of all the island has to offer and in many Zante tours you get the chane to explore he villages and more remoite hidden gems of Zakynthos.

Alternatively, you can also hire a car or bike in Zante and explore Zakynthos at your own pace!


Visit the village of Agia Marina in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands


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charming greek village of agia marina in zakynthos

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The church at Agia Marina was built in 1855 overtop of an old temple that dated back to 1643. The church survived the earthquake of 1953 but the bell tower suffered serious damage. It has since been rebuilt using as much of the original material as possible.

From the courtyard of the church in Agia Marina you can see the old village school as well as the small square cell in which the locals used to lock up the insane from all parts of the island.

Old villagers recall that at times there were so many insane, they could not fit them in the cell and had to tie them to the trees in the church courtyard. Inside the cell you can still see the heavy iron chain that was used to tie up the prisoners. It was hoped that keeping the insane so close to the church might lead to cures by the saint Agia Marina.

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