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Dining in Greece is a national pastime - the Greeks love their food and love to eat at a leisurely pace. Traditionally the main meal is served a lunch time, followed by an important siesta, and a smaller meal in the evenings. Whether dining at a local taverna or a sophisticated restaurant, Greeks like to take their time over food.

The local cuisine in Zante is uncomplicated and relies on fresh herbs, seasonings, and plenty of local fish, meat, vegetables and fruit.

The Greek taverna menus in Zakynthos enable you to make a meal of mezes and hors d'oeuvres. Typical dishes include fried meatballs, squash balls, octopus, shrimp, squid, cheese, olives, stuffed vine leaves, tzatziki (garlicky yogurt and cucumbers), eggplant dip, small sausages and giant beans. You can choose four or five meze dishes for a real taste of Greece and a delicious meal to share.



Delicious Greek Salads accompany most meals in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands

Greek Salads Zante
The Greek Salad is perfect for lunch or dinner, or perhaps both, on a hot summers day in the Greek Islands. It is typically made up of big chunks of fresh tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, cucumber and olives.

There is normally a big hunk of feta cheese on top, plenty of local olives sprinkled around, and a good helping of olive oil and vinegar for dressing.

The Greek Salad can be found in just about every restaurant, snack bar and taverna on the island of Zakynthos. Surely you wont got home without trying one!


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Zante  tavernas in Zakynthos provide some of the best meals in Greece.

With a wide variety of traditional food on the menu, you can be sure that the Zante tavernas will cater for your taste. There are also a number of international cuisine restaurants located in the resorts around Zakynthos. Whether you fancy an American, British, Indian, or Chinese meal during your holiday you are bound to find it in one of the Zante resorts.


Zante Tavernas also serve all of the iconic Greek meals such as moussaka, kebabs, pastitsio and fresh fish. You wont be disappointed with these traditional Greek meals they are always packed with flavour and fresh ingredients in Zante.

The cost of dinner for one, not including drinks, usually starts at around seven euro for a basic meal. Prices vary depending on the quality and location of the restaurant, and of course depend on what you choose to order!

The main tourist resorts offer a selection of traditional tavernas and more modern international restaurants. However, to find the most authentic Greek tavernas, you might be advised to head outside of the main tourist resorts. For example, one of our favourite hidden Greek tavernas in Zakynthos is the Akrotiri Taverna, located on the coastal road between Zante Town and Tsilivi. This little Greek taverna serves fantastic food, while you sit under the grape vines, in this no frills fabulous Zakynthian eatery.

As you explore the island, you are sure to find a number of beautiful tavernas in Zante. Make sure you try a range of food here, there are some real delights offered on the menus around the island. Below are a few of the tastiest treats available!


Souvlaki can be made with pork, lamb or chicken and is traditionally grilled on a skewer. You can have souvlaki straight from the skewer or in a in pita bread with tomato, onion and tzaziki. This is a staple Greek meal and always delicious!

Lamb in the Oven

Lamb in the oven in Zante is really diving. The lamb is basted in garlic and very slowly cooked to perfection. The end result is soft, tasty meat, often served with oven cooked potatoes. Another Greek speciality.

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is made from goat's milk and is often served on top of a fresh Greek Salad, or on its own to accompany another Greek plate.


Green and black olives are found in abundance in Zante, with olive groves all over the island. Olives are found in most salads and delicious olive oil is drizzled over many of the plates on the menu. Zakynthos is actually one of the largest producers of Olive Oil in Greece!


Tzatziki is a Greek specialty, consisting of yoghurt, cucumber and lots of garlic. Traditionally this dish is served with souvlaki, fries, bread and well just about anything else you can think of. It has a pretty intense garlic flavour, but is a real Greek staple you have to try it while you are here on holiday in Zante.

Octopus & Kalamari

Seafood Octopus and Kalamari can be found on both the starters and mains sections of the menus. You can have your octopus grilled, soaked in vinegar or fried in batter. Another typical Greek Island dish not to be missed!


A plate of warm, home cooked, traditional Greek moussaka is normally high on the list of things to try when visiting Greece. The dish is made up of layers of minced meat, aubergines and white sauce. Similar to lasagne, but with a distinct Greek twist, this meal is almost as well known to Greece as beautiful beaches and ouzo!

Dinner Drinks

While you are trying all of the special local cuisine, you might want to taste the native drinks too.

Typically village wine, red or white, would be served with lunch and dinner in Greece. Some of the best Zakynthian wine is the Solomos Wine brand they have really distinct flavours, all made in Zante with locally grown produce. You might like it so much youll have to take some home with you.

Greek Mythos Beer is always popular with tourists holidaying in Zante. There is no shortage of Mythos on the island and you will notice lots of people enjoying a cool Mythos on a hot day.

Later in the evening Ouzo is very popular. Often drank after dinner, this is an aniseed based drink. If black liquorice is to your liking, you will probably love a glass of Ouzo. You can drink straight or dilute it with water, it's up to you.

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