Zante Traditional markets
Most of the really traditional markets in Zante Zakynthos in the Greek islands are located at quite a distance from the tourist resorts.

The main region for traditional market shopping in Zakynthos is in the town of Volimes, the second largest town on the island.

At the entrance to the village of Volimes you will see a number of traditional shops with market fronts selling local Zante products including handicrafts and ceramic pottery, handwoven rugs and beautiful hand embroidered linen.

The village of Volimes is a charming place to buy and browse if you are in the western region of Zante for the day.


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explore the traditional markets in zante and take home a locally produced souvenire from your holiday in zakynthos

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There are a number of traditional markets selling local Greek produce on the island of Zante

You will find linen, hand woven tapestries, rugs, and ceramic work from Zakynthos on sale at a number of roadside markets in Anafonitria and Volimes in the North Of Zante.


Many smaller traditional market stalls in Zante are located in the village of Anafonitria, also in the North west of Zante. Anafonitria is a small charming village you will often pass through on your way to the Shipwreck Beach lookout tower.

Along the streets of Anafonitria village there are a number of shops which sell local and traditional products and handicrafts on the roadside. Here you will find everything from Zante olive oil, to honey, nuts, tapestries and vases!


These local products are really charming holiday souvenirs providing a lovely reminder of your holiday in Zakynthos.

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