Zakynthos Handicrafts
Many of the woman in Zakynthos are extremely talented with refined handicraft skills  - for a wide variety of handicrafts. In particular needlework and delicate works of crochet and lace are the specialities of woman in Zakynthos.

You will find handicrafts on sale in Zakynthos in the market towns of Volimes and Anafonitria in the far North of Zakynthos Island.


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Zante ART & Handicrafts

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zante handicrafts zakynthos

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In addition to the fine needlework and crocheting skills of the Zakynthian women, the churches in Zakynthos provide a great example of how the art of carving has flourished in Zante.

Both wood and silver carving have become popular in Zante since the 17th century. Most of the churches on the island are adorned with beautiful icon screens, carved in stone, silver and wood.

The church of Agios Dionisios, in Zakynthos Town, is home to some impressive works of Zakynthian carving art. The icon screen and the silver reliquary that holds the Saints body are inticately carved.

Painting is another handicraft that Zakynthos has become famous for - again, in the churches in particular the works of art are amazing. Many famous hagiographers have lived and created in Zante and their works and icons still adorn the churches today.

The Post-Byzantine Art Museum in Zakynthos Town offers a fantastic opportunity to see some of this beautiful local art.

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