Traditional Dance Zakynthos
Throughout the year in Zante Zakynthos in the Greek Islands there are a number of traditional celebrations and commemorations.

During these occasions in Zante the local people present dance and theatrical performances, very often dressing in traditional costumes.

Children very often attend local traditional dance classes where they are taught the traditional dances relative to their culture. At Greek Wedding receptions of the local people in Zakynthos traditional dances are performed with everyone joining in. These occasions provide unique opportunities for the people of Zakynthos to maintain their culture and tradition through the centuries.


Traditional Dance & Costumes in Zante

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traditional greek dance and costumes in zante zakynthos

Dancing is a popular tradition in Zante that remains an important part of society today. During the year there are a number of fetes where local dance schools perform. At Carnival time there are also dance performances in the centre of the town.

During the summer each local church and village holds a celebration of their saint at which time many of the local people come together to eat and dance.

The traditional costumes of Zakynthos are essentially Greek in nature with billowing skirts for the ladies and the men in white shirts!

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