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Saint Dionisios Church


The Church of Saint Dennis stands at the entrance to Zante Town - it is one of the biggest churches on the island and you will not miss the tall bell tower standing over the port as you drive through Zante Town.


Saint Dennis, as he is known in English, is the Patron Saint of the island of Zakynthos. He was born in Zante in 1546 into the Venetian ruling class – but all reports suggest that from an early age his character was very kind and he refused all of the advantages of his class.


After the death of his parents, at the age of 20 years old, Saint Dennis donated his fortune to his brother and became a monk in the monastery of Strofades, in the south of the island of Zakynthos.
In 1577, Saint Dennis left Zante to become the Archbishop on Aegina island. Two years later health problems forced him to resign and return to his homeland, where he stayed as an abbot in the monastery of the Strofades.

One rainy night, a desperate man came to the monastery and asked for help. This man had just committed a murder. Saint Dennis discovered that this man had killed his own brother. Despite his personal sorrow, the monk provided a shelter to the murderer and even helped him to escape the island, saving his life in order to prevent another crime taking place. Local tradition suggests that the murderer later returned and became a monk in that same monastery.

The monk died in 1622, at the age of 75 and was buried in the church of Agios Georgios in the Strofades, where he was ordained a priest.
Three years later, when he was exhumed, his body was found intact and remains intact still today. The Saint’s body is displayed in the church of Saint Dennis in Zante Town, where many pilgrims come every year to pray.
The memory of Saint Dennis is celebrated on December 17th, the day of his death, and on August 24th, the day his body was transferred to Zakynthos town and laid in the church. Both celebrations are important days for the island with parades through the town of many Orthodox Priests and worshipers.

Saint Markos Catholic Church in St Markos Square


St Markos Church stands next to the Museum of Solomos and Kalvos in St Markos Square. It was originally built in 1518, but was destroyed following the earthquake in Zakynthos in 1953. Although it was rebuilt, St Markos Church is now smaller than the original foundation church of Saint Markos.

Catholic services are held at Saint Markos church during the summer month. Saint Markos church is also used frequently throughout the summer for weddings in Zante, particularly those of Irish couples coming to marry on the beautiful island of Zakynthos with Zante Weddings organized by Tsilivi Travel in Zakynthos.

St Markos Church is the only Catholic Church on the island of Zakynthos. The interior of the church is simply decorated with a very pretty ambience. St Markos Square has played an important role in the history of Zakynthos in that it was the meeting place for people to discuss ideas.


The Church of Saint Nicholas


Another interesting and historical church in Zakynthos Town is the Church of St Nicholas of Mole, or Agios Nikolas tou Molou in Greek. It is located at the bottom of Solomos Square, over the road from the Zante port on the waterfront.

The Zante church of Saint Nicholas was built in 1561 and is one of the oldest buildings on the island. This church, located in Solomos Square, is the only building in Venetian style to have survived the earthquake in 1953 following which most of the town of Zakynthos was destroyed by fire.

The Church of Saint Nicholas is a church of historical value and great importance in Zakynthos because the patron saint of the island, Saint Dionisios, served here. The robes of Saint Dionisios are still housed in the church today.

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