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When the sun goes down over Zakynthos the fun doesn’t stop!

In certain Zante resorts there is a great selection of bars and clubs where you can party till dawn. The busy Zante nightlife areas are kept quite contained on Zakynthos island, so you can head out and have fun, or you can avoid the hustle and bustle altogether.

Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos Town, twinkling by night, is perfect for a pleasant evening stroll and a summertime cocktail. The cafes and bars here serve tourists and locals alike, they are really charming places to relax on a summer evening.

You can then head up the road from Zante Town to the bars and cafes on Bochali Hill. The view over Zante Town from here is twinkling and provides a stunning backdrop to your evening in Bochali.

From the main square in Bohali, if you walk about one hundred meters up the hill, you’ll arrive at one of the most chic club venues on the island - ‘Movida’. Here you can relax on an expansive balcony terrace outdoors, enjoying a drink and magnificent views.

Laganas Night Life

Laganas is renowned for having a colorful and happening nightlife. After midnight the larger clubs really get pumping. Clubs, such as Rescue, Zeros and Medousa are among the many found mainly on the Main Street in Laganas, which are popular with the young. The larger Clubs in Laganas have a guest capacity of up to fifteen hundred people. With cheap drinks, neon lights and loud music, this is the main party place on the island.

If you want a slightly calmer experience in Laganas, you might prefer to head onto the beachfront at Laganas where there’s a selection of smaller bars, tavernas and restaurants, such as Cheers, Cool Peppers and Med Version.

Popular press often refers to the main party resort on the island of Zante Zakynthos as the resort of Laganas. On the main Laganas strip there are many bars, clubs, shops and entertainment facilities that stay open till early in the morning. This Zante nighclub spot is really popular with the 18-30s crowd and can become quite raucous in the peak summer months.


Kalamaki Nightlife

Just a few kilometres from Laganas, the neighbouring resort of Kalamaki is definitely a far calmer night time experience. There are a number of bars, restaurants and entertainment shows available here, but it does not have the same club culture that you will find in Laganas. You will find family oriented Karaoke bars and even an Irish Pub in Kalamki – plenty to keep you entertained in the evening during your holiday in Zakynthos.

Kalamaki is a great option if you would like a few big nights out in Laganas, the main strip of Laganas is just five minutes taxi drive from Kalamki, but want a quieter resort for the rest of your stay.

Argassi at night

A variety of other facilities in Argassi provide entertainment. The mini golf course, well lit at night, and decorated with wonderful fountains, is very popular in the evenings.

For later in the evening in Argassi, there are a number of popular bars in the centre of the resort, many of which provide live entertainment during the summer months. Most of the main island singers perform in Argassi at some point during the week – check the boards outside the bars for dates and starting times.

The bars in Argassi range from quiet cocktail bars, to more lively nightclubs, albeit much smaller than those in Laganas. For a more recreational pursuit in Argassi, you can try a game of mini-golf. There are two mini-golf courses in Argassi which are always popular with all the family.

Located on the outskirts of Argassi resorts are the most popular Greek nightclubs on the island. On the way into Argassi from town you will see three clubs right next to the sea. The middle club, Barrage, is always popular with the local Greek – set under palm trees, and with statues scattered around, this is a very classy club, often bringing in star DJs, and always serving great drinks. On the way out of Argassi, as you go up the hill to Vasilikos, you will spot another two Greek clubs – Island and Koutsis. Island is a fantastic bar – painted in traditional blue and white, with amazing views down over Argassi to Zante Town, this is a fantastic place to enjoy an evening drink in true Greek Island style.

Tsilivi Pubs and Bars

In Tsilivi you are spoilt for choice with a variety of bars, including karaoke bars. Levels Cocktail Bar, Enigma, the beach bar at the Alexandra Beach Hotel and the Ark Bar are among just a few of the ‘happening’ spots in Tsilivi. This resort is definitely more family oriented, so while some of the bars will stay open late, you don’t get the same club atmosphere as Laganas and Argassi.

Alykes and Alykanas

If you head further north along the Eastern Coast to the resorts of Alykes and Alykanas you will be greeted with a very peaceful evening experience. There are a few lovely outdoor bars in both of these resorts where you can sit and enjoy a cocktail.

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