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There are a number of interesting artists located on the island of Zakynthos, involved in array of artistic pursuits including painting, sculpture and ceramics. During your holiday in Zakynthos you will have the chance to visit a number of art galleries and exhibitions which are bound to enhance your stay. You can even take a piece of Zante art home with you as a really unique holiday souvenir.

We have included the biographies of two prominent artists in Zante at the current time.

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When her father, a Greek Admiral born in Zakynthos, died in 2001, Anna Soulis began to spend more time in Greece to organize the legalities of his death. She subsequently moved back to her birthplace of Athens and has recently completed building a home in Zante, the foundations of which were laid by her father. Anna now spends much of her time in Athens and Greece – painting here throughout the summer and participating in a number of exhibitions.

Recently Anna held an exhibition at the Portokali Restaurant in Argassi – where art is treasured and decorates the walls. Her paintings were mainly of flowers, olive groves and other natural inspirations. Living in the olive groves of Lithakia, just outside Porto Koukla, Anna is surrounded by inspiration. “My paintings bring out fragments of stories,” Anna explained. “They mirror my thoughts which result from time spent in beautiful places, such as Zakynthos.” Flowers, the coastline and the sky are frequently incorporated into Anna’s work.

Anna has also spent time in Los Angeles, where she started to script her film, ‘Thea’, based on the Greek Gods, which is now completed, and has recently been shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

Anna directed her film ‘Thea’ using Greek people as the characters of the Twelve Greek Gods, represented in her film. “I didn’t mind whether they were trained actors or not.” she commented. “I met a dentist at a Noam Chomsky lecture in Athens, who agreed to play the character of Zeus. The man who played the God Poseidon is a Zakynthian, who spends most of his time in the summer on the beach where I swim. I also chose his son to play the character of Dionysus.”

If you would like to view her work during your stay in Zante, you can contact Anna Soulis by email at annasoulis@hotmail.com


Ceramic art is one of the oldest traditions - clay for sculpturing was first used in the Paleolithic culture some 20, 000 years ago, and the use of clay as a medium for pottery was discovered in 6000 B.C. The Greek history of ceramics dates back to the year 1000 BC.

Hanne Mi is one of the best ceramic artists on the island – working from her studio in Vasilikos, in the South of Zakynthos. You can find her charming studio exhibition on your way to the region of Gerekas – she is located on the right hand-side of the road a few hundred metres before the main road down to Gerekas.

She fires her work in a gas kiln, reaching 1260 degrees, making the ceramics incredibly durable. Her work includes tiles suitable for floors and walls, sculptures, fountains, pottery mugs, plates and salad bowls.

Hanne Mi is proud to follow the craft of ceramics and to work at a craft with history and roots. “I feel good working in a profession that is more than just about making a living,” she explained. “I also do something that has a cultural purpose, working at a profession that should not be forgotten.” Hanne Mi feels that her work enables her to give something back to Zakynthian culture, and also to receive in return. She gains a feeling of belonging and integration with the community through her work.

In her work Hanne Mi uses colours in a variety of ways. “I risk not producing exactly the same safe product again and again. This gets the creative urge going in me - this feeling of the unexpected.” she explained. “I am seldom satisfied with a finished piece. This I believe is necessary. If not, I would be finished as a creator and empty of ideas. I am always trying to make my work better. It is like a mania. Always better and a little different. I never say no to a job, even if I am not sure when I accept the work how I will create it.”

Believing that a wide variety of qualities are required to work as an ceramics artist, such as fantasy, flexibility, stubbornness, marketing skills, and patience, Hanne Mi explains “It really is a life style. You will not succeed if you only look at clay as a job. It has to be something you enjoy.”

To have a look at her work, you can go online at www.ceramichannemi.com

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