Argassi Beach

The beach itself in Argassi village resort is rather narrow and is not one of the most naturally beautiful on the island. However, for those looking to lounge around on a sunbed and simply enjoy swimming in the sea close to the resort, the beach here will suffice.


Argassi beach is a few kilmetres south of Zante Town on the East cost of Zante Zakynthos Greek Islands

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 argassi beach in zante is just a few kilometres from zante town

The resort of Argassi has developed around the beach here, and is now one of the most popular resorts on the island. The region of Argassi is compact and comfortable, with a great selection of amenities and shops all within easy reach of the beach. Argassi beach is easily accessible with parking available nearby. Argassi beach is the busiest resort on the South Coast - just a few kilometres from Zante Town.


There are plenty of activities and amenities at the beach in Argassi to make sure you are comfortable and entertained during your Argassi holiday in Zante.

There are sun beds all along the beach for a comfortable day, and plenty of water sports to enjoy during your time here. Throughout your day at the beach in Argassi you will be able to watch people zip around the the banana ride, the ringos, and fly through the skies on the paraglider. This is a great form of holiday fun in the sun!

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