The beach of Amboula on the east coast of Zante is really peaceful and relaxed - even in the peak of summer this beach is never overcrowded and retains a really chilled out holiday feel.

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amboula beach on the east coast of zante is peaceful and relaxed

Between the main east coast resort beaches in Zakynthos of Tsilivi and Alykanas, a selection of charming and relaxed beaches provide great facilities. The Zakynthos beaches of Bouka, Tragaki, Amboula, Amoudi and Psarou all provide quiet sandy beaches in Zante, with crystal clear waters superb for a refreshing swim. These beaches in Zakynthos are ideal for a tranquil day out or for your entire holiday in Zakynthos.

To explore the surrounding area, car and bike hire is definitely recommended. A bicycle is a great way to get around between these beaches especially in the earlier summer months when the weather is cooler. If you stick to the eastern coastal road you will see the sign posts leading off to these charming little bays.

The beach of Amboula is just a few kilometres along the coast from Tsilivi. The beach of Amboula is very pretty and peaceful, with soft white sand and often only a handful of people - a perfect retreat from the busier island beaches.

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