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traditional museums in Zante Zakynthos Greek Islands

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There are a number of museums in Zakynthos to explore during your holiday in Greece. All of the museums here give you an insight into the history of Zante - you can take your pick of the museums depending on your own interests.


The Vertziago Folk Museum in Zante Zakynthos Greek Islands


The Zakynthos Cultural and Agricultural Museum was founded in 1998 in the small village of Pigadakia, close to the town of Alykes. The Zakynthos Cultural and Agricultural Museum exhibits the culture and traditions of the Greek rural world, specifically typical to the island of Zakynthos.

Rare works on display date back to the XVI century, including tools, and very rare and ancient local handcrafts. The museum is a reconstitution of a traditional house: a dining room, kitchen and bedroom decorated with traditional furniture and everyday life utensils. An old fashioned grind is also displayed in the museum, which was used to press grapes and olives.

museums in zante zakynthos greek islands

Museum of Dionysios Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians in Zante Town

The Museum of Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians was founded in 1959 by admirers of the fine arts in Zakynthos. Located in St. Marko Square, next to the Catholic Church, the Museum, also known as the Museum of Solomos and Kalvos, houses the relics of two famous poets from Zakynthos, Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos.

The Museum of Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians has been in operation since 1966 and since 1968, the bones of the national poets, Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos, have been laid to rest in its Mausoleum.

A large number of manuscripts of the national poet Dionysios Solomos are on display here, along with some of his personal belongings. A collection of portraits of eminent Zakynthians, and an interesting collection of icons are also on display.

The Solomos and Kalvos Museum portrays a variety of local handcrafts, artworks and paintings of the XVIII and XIX century, carved pottery, sculptures and ancient musical instruments. You also get to see clothes and weapons of noble families of the last century. Many portraits dedicated to the important people of the island of Zakynthos are represented, along with a collection of coats of arms.

The Museum also has a well-stocked library containing a large collection of documents, and also period furniture, an archaeological and folk art collection as well as a collection of interesting photographs.

Museum of Grigorios Xenopoulos in Zante Town Zakynthos

The Museum of Xenopoulos is located close to the Church of Agios Dionysios, in the capital of Zakynthos, and is dedicated to the life and work of the Greek novelist and play writer Grigorios Xenopoulos (1867-1951).

It houses a collection of manuscripts and personal objects of the artist as well as some furniture from the writer's period.

The Roma Family Mansion in Zante Town Zakynthos

The Roma family mansion is one of the few old buildings that were left standing after the earthquake of 1953. The Romas Family Mansion museum is located in the mansion of Alexander Roma, President of the Greek Parliament and the creator of the "Greek Red Shirts" military unit with which he fought for the liberation of the city of Ioannina. Alexander Roma remains a great personality of modern Greek political and military history.

The Roma Mansion was built in 1660 by the Vice Consul of England in Zante, Robert John Geoffrey. During the period of the "English Protection" (1816-64) the Roma Mansion was the seat of the English Resident of Zante and was known by local people as "Residenza".

The mansion was purchased by Alexander Roma in 1880. The Roma Mansion represents an example of the old urban Zante architecture. The large, beautifully decorated rooms include libraries consisting of rare editions, a large collection of family portraits, paintings, gravures, old weapons and various objects of art - all reflecting the lifestyle of the old Zantiote Aristocracy.

The Roma mansion is located in central Zakynthos Town, over the road from the seafront, at 19 Louka Karer Street, just a couple of minutes stroll from Solomos Square and the Town Hall.

The Post Byzantine Museum in Zante Town Zakynthos

Located in the capital of Zakynthos, at the back of Solomos Square, the Post-Byzantine museum was built after the earthquake of 1953. It houses a rich collection of various ecclesiastical items, superb carved masterpieces, post-Byzantine icons, wooden works of art, wood carvings dating from the 16th century, reconstructed frescoes and a fantastic model of Zante Town before the 1953 earthquake.

At the Post Byzantine Museum you glimpse the evolution of art from the post Byzantine period through to contemporary Greek art. The Byzantine museum, which was opened to the public in 1960, is spread over three floors.

Inside the Post Byzantine Museum you will also see a model of Zakynthos Town, depicting Zakynthos Town prior to its destruction from the earthquake in 1953.

The Zakynthos Naval Museum

The Zakynthos Naval museum is located in Strani hill at the back of Zakynthos Town. The Naval Museum was founded by Antonis Mylonas, an artist connected to the world of the sea. Antonis Mylonas portrayed the naval history of Greece in one hundred and forty watercolour paintings.

The Zakynthos Naval museum is the only Greek museum to give a precise portrait of the national naval history of Greece from the 1700's to present time. It is also the only museum in the world to exhibit different models of Byzantine ships since the foundation of the Byzantine empire to its overthrow in 1453. Also on display are accessories associated with the most popular Greek warships, naval costumes, board books and epoch pictures.

Helmis Natural History Museum in Agia Marina

The Helmis Museum of Natural History is located in the mountainous village of Agia Marina, in the centre of the island of Zakynthos, around 14km from Zante Town. It was established in 2000 by a private initiative and aims to preserve and present the rare flora, fauna and sea life of the island.

On display here is a truly wonderful display of the natural habitat in Zakynthos. You will learn more about the geography of the island, natural plants, and the existence of the Caretta Caretta turtles. This is a fascinating and informative local museum displaying more than 1500 samples from the natural world. This is an enchanting and educational museum to visit - highly recommended.

At the Helmis Natural History Museum you have the opportunity to become familiar with the natural heritage of Zakynthos, at the same time informed about the delightful trips you can take on the island. Following a visit to the Helmis Natural History Museum in Zante you will be more familiar with the main ecosystems of the island.

The Helmis Natural History Museum collections include specimens from the flora and fauna of Zakynthos. Since it opened in 2000 it has become regarded as one of the most promising museums of its kind in Greece and the Balkans.

Zakynthos Town Hall Library in Zante Town Zakynthos

The Zakynthos Town Hall Library is located in a large building in Solomos Square.
With books dating back to the early 1600s, donated by people in Zakynthos from private collections, it is possible to find rare books concerning the history and tradition of Zakynthos, treaties of famous writers, copies of old newspapers and mementoes surrounding the second world war, as well as pictures of Zakynthos before the earthquake in Zakynthos in 1953.

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