Zakynthos Zante Greek islands

If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can find it here in the quieter regions of Zante - Zakynthos in the Greek islands.

Alternatively, if you want fun in the sun, with bars and clubs, you wont be disappointed.

The size of Zante makes it an ideal holiday location – big enough for variation, small enough to really get around and explore Zante at leisure!


Zakynthos, Zante in the Greek islands is an island of contrasts from old and traditional to moderna nd new.

Holiday of a Lifetime in Zante
With varied nightlife entertainment, great restaurants and tavernas, and the wonderful hospitality of the people of Zakynthos, you are sure to head home from a holiday in Zakynthos with more than just a great suntan!

You can easily travel around Zakynthos, on organized trips, or hire a car and explore Zante Island at your leisure. Zakynthos has it all - from buzzing beach clubs to secluded caves and coves, great water sports, scuba diving and snorkeling adventures, and fantastic boat trips to extraordinary locations - even eco-friendly turtle spotting is available here!


Visit the famous Blue Caves and Shuipwreck beach in Zante Zakythos Greek islands



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Beautiful beaches in Zante and wonderful siteeeing make Zante Zakynthos a  great Greek island holiday location

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he famous beach at Shipwreck bay in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands

During their occupation of the island the Venetians named the island of Zakynthos 'Fioro di Levante', the 'Flower of the Orient'.

This beautiful island is the perfect place for a summer holiday. There really is something for everyone on this charming Greek Island.

You’re spoilt for choice with a wide range of activities, places to visit and things to do while on holiday in Zakynthos. All will add a special touch to your stay! Whatever your interests and holiday goals, you'll find many things to do on holiday in Zakynthos, and extraordinary places to explore.

On holiday in Zante you can easily combine cultural activities, including traditional and contemporary arts, with rest and relaxation.

Enjoy basking in the sun, swimming in the crystal waters of the Ionion Sea, enjoying beautiful beaches.


Why choose Zakynthos for your holiday?

Zakynthos provides an ideal holiday location in the Greek Islands for all ages. Away from the hectic pace and responsibilities of everyday life at home, you'll find that the natural beauty of Zakynthos will provide great energy for reviving body and soul. The Greek island of Zakynthos, otherwise known as Zante, is an artists paradise.

Zakynthos is full of charm, colour, flowers, and fresh air, not to mention some of the most amazing beaches in the Greek islands.

When you open any guide book on Zakynthos, you’ll read the story of an island which has been home to many famous poets, artists and writers – an island often referred to as the ‘Flower of the East’. I am sure you’ll agree with me that Zakynthos is an island filled with magic!

Boat trips in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands are lways fun

Zante Holiday highlights for visitors to Zakynthos

  • Enjoy absolute relaxation in Zante, but you can head into busier Zante resorts if you want a bit of a holiday buzz!
  • You can explore the wonderful beaches and coastline of Zakynthos
  • There are plenty of affordable Zante boat trips on offer, to great locations such as the famous ‘Shipwreck’ at Navagio Bay
  • Wander round the picturesque towns and villages in Zakynthos, enjoying traditional Greek Island charm
  • Discover the history and culture of Zante in wonderful museums and churches
  • Learn about Caretta-Caretta Loggerhead sea turtles, the symbol of the ecology of Zakynthos
  • Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine, fine wines and locally produced cheese, olive oil, raisins, and sweets
  • Enjoy evening entertainment, including traditional Greek dance, bouzouki and song. Traditional Zakynthian serenades, known as “Kantades” provide really special evening entertainment, in selected locations around the island.
  • Enjoy a great selection of things to do in Zante including great boat trips to the Blue Caves, Shipwreck beach and Zante turtle spotting trips


Five municipal districts within Zakynthos

the regions of zante vary hugely - giving you at least four different islands in one

All the regions of Zakynthos share the natural beauty and cultural identity of Zante island. The Municipal Authority make a great effort to create and perfect the infrastructures necessary for continued progress and development of the island. As the third largest Ionian Island, there is plenty to explore in Zante.

Each of the regions of Zante has a distinct feel of its own.

For the purpose of exploring Zakynthos we refer to the regions of Zante Island as:

  • Zakynthos Town
  • South Zakynthos - from Argassi to the beach of Gerakas
  • South West Zakynthos - from Kalamaki to Marathias
  • West Zakynthos – from Marathias to Shipwreck Bay
  • East Zakynthos - from Tsilivi to Alykes
  • Far North - from north of Alykes to Skinari

You'll notice the Greek island of Zakynthos varies greatly from region to region as you travel around on holiday in Zante.

  • Fertile plains in the southeast region of Zante contrast greatly with the mountainous terrain and very steep cliffs of the West coast of Zakynthos.
  • The western portion of Zante island is largely untouched especially from tourism. The South, East, South East and South West regions of Zakynthos, Zante  consist of lush vegetation and spacious beaches.

These regions in Zakynthos are where you'll find the more popular and developed Zante tourist resorts in Zakynthos.

 Zakynthos has warm summers and mild winters

enjoy warm sunny days at the beach in zakynthos

The weather in Zakynthos, also known as Zante, in the Greek islands consists of a typical Mediterranean climate.

Zakynthos is one of the sunniest islands in Greece. Rain in the summer season in Zante is rare.

Zakynthos is considered to have one of the highest sunshine hours in Greece and the Mediterranean, which makes it an ideal location for beach weddings, and for those who want to go abroad to get married in the sun.

In Zakynthos during the winter, not only is the rainfall quite high, but so is the level of humidity, which explains the rich fertility of the land in Zakynthos, along with the lush green forests and vegetation, covering many parts of Zante island.

Caretta Caretta Loggerhead Sea Turtles - A symbol of ecology!

zante caretta caretta loggerhead turtle

Caretta caretta  turtles

Zakynthos is home, during the summer months, to the endangered species of sea turtles, the Caretta Caretta

Loggerhead sea turtles. From pre-historic times the Caretta caretta Loggerhead Turtles have nested in Zakynthos.

Caretta Caretta turtles arrive in Zakynthos from May, when the waters are warmer. The turtles nest three times during the summer, on exactly the same beach they were born years before.

While you are on holiday in Zakynthos, be sure to enjoy a turtle spotting boat trip in the Bay of Laganas and learn more about the Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles.

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos

the national marine park of zante protects the beaches on the south west coast

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos was established in 1999, the first of its kind in Greece, setting an example for other regions in Greece that require integrated management of the sustainable environment.

The objectives of the National Marine Park include the preservation of the natural environment of Zakynthos, while conserving the ecological balance of the marine and coastal regions of the Bay of Laganas and the Strophadia Islands.

They provide information stations on all the main beaches in the Bay of Laganas, where the Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles nest.

  The People of Zakynthos

the people in zante make sure you have a wonderful holiday

Local People

We have found the people of Zakynthos to be optimistic, friendly, happy, and hospitable people. Zante Island has always been associated with song, especially the singing of the harmonious kandathes of Zakynthos. It is often the friendliness and hospitality of the people of Zakynthos that encourages visitors to return year after year to Zante island.

Zakynthos is a developing island in many ways.

Many of the people of Zante, Zakynthos are determined to preserve a delicate balance between the past and the present, between tradition and progress, in order that the island and her people will remain uniquely gifted and inspiring.

  Real Estate in Zakynthos

there are plenty of real estate opportunities on the island of zante

Real Estate

A variety of property development has been taking place in Zakynthos over recent years. A number of property developments have been particularly developed to meet the needs of tourists wanting to purchase a holiday home on the island.

  Recreation on holiday in Zakynthos

recreation facilities to ensure you have a fantastic greek island holiday


Wherever you choose your accommodation to be located in Zakynthos, you can be sure that a wide variety of recreational activities will be available to help keep your holiday in Zakynthos interesting and active.

Most of the main resorts in Zante provide a wide variety of beach and water sports activities. There are also tennis clubs, horse riding, water villages, go karts, and mini-golf courses to keep you busy during your holiday in Zante.

The receptions of most hotels and studio accommodations in Zakynthos will provide you with information about boat trips in Zakynthos, as well as car hire, bus trips, jeep safaris, and other creative activities and things to do and see while on holiday in Zakynthos.

  Zante Health & Beauty

healthy and beauty on holiday in greece

The prospect of lounging around in the sun while on holiday has a definite charm. But add to that an abundance of delicious Zakynthian food and drink and you may have the undesirable side effect of piling on the pounds!

With the stress of work and running a home removed from your schedule, and with plenty of free time on your hands, your holiday in Zakynthos provides an ideal opportunity to get your body into great shape, and reset your goals for a whole new you!

With warm sunny weather, exercising and pampering outdoors can be so much healthier as you tap into feel-good factors of sunshine, warmth, fresh air, and the bounties of the sea. With a little imagination you can turn this beautiful island into a playground to strengthen and streamline your body.

  Shop till you drop in Zakynthos


A wide selection of shops in the main resorts in Zante provides great holiday shopping! Many shops in the Zante resorts provide a selection of clothing, gifts and souvenirs, including ceramics and handcrafts.

Zakynthos Town is one of the nicest towns in the Greek islands for shopping. From clothes, jewels and shoes, to gifts and souvenirs to take back home from your holiday in Zakynthos, you won't be disappointed with the shops in Zante Town.

You can also to head to the northern villages of Anafonitria and Volimes for a wonderful selection of handmade home ware, tapestries, needlework and beautiful Greek Island linen.

  Zante’s blend of traditional Greek values with modern culture

greek tradition and culture in zakynthos

Zante Celebrations

The Zakynthian people go out of their way to honour the traditions of the past, commemorating and celebrating special events throughout the year. People of all ages participate in a variety of wonderful events and special occasions, with a unified spirit that attracts visitors from all over Greece.

 You will experience tradition in many forms while on holiday in Zante.From sampling traditional food and cuisine, to visiting traditional villages, to listening to the delightful Zakynthian music and song. Tradition is alive and well in Zakynthos - adding delight to your holiday in the Greek Islands.

  Famous Zakynthians

famous people from zante - zakynthos

Dionysis SolomosFamous people connected to Zakynthos

Zakynthos has inspired numerous poets, musicians and artists - among them Dionyssis Solomos, Ugo Foscolo, Andreas Kalvos and many more.

By the time your holiday in Zakynthos is over, you are sure to have come across the statue of Dionysios Solomos in the main Solomos Square in Zakynthos Town. Solomos (1798-1857) was a famous Greek poet from Zante. Dionysios Solomos wrote the poem Ode to Liberty, also known as Hymn to Liberty, in 1823, of which the first two stanzas became the Greek national anthem.

You can visit the beautiful park of Lofos Strani, above Zakynthos Town, which marks the spot where Dionysis Solomos actuially wrote the Greek National Anthem.

Zante’s Fascinating History

explore the history of zakynthos during your holiday in zante


Historical traces were discovered in the Bay of Laganas dating back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras. Historical finds included significant bone fossils from the Palaeolithic Era.

According to the poet Homer, the name of Zakynthos was derived from the first inhabitant of Zante Island - who was named Zakynthos. He was the son of King Dardanos of Troy, who arrived on the island around 1500-1600 BC

According to other historical sources, the name of Zakynthos island is derived from the words Za and Cynthos (or Kynthos), which means hill. This corresponds to the mountainous landscape of Zakynthos. Cynthos was a common name for hills in olden days.

The Architecture in Zakynthos has a strong Venetian influence

enjoy the beautiful architecture on the island of zakynthos

Geography Architecture

The architecture of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, in the Greek Islands has been influenced strongly by the Venetians, the French and the English. All have conquered and occupied the island of Zakynthos at different times in history.

Zakynthos Town is one of the prettiest towns in the Greek islands, romantic and wonderful for an evening stroll. Zante Town and Zante in general has a very strong Venetian ambience. The architecture in Zakynthos combines both Baroque and Renaissance styles.

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