There are plenty of bars in the resorts in Zante where you can enjoy a bit of Karaoke fun during your holiday in Zakynthos.

Occasionally, British acts are brought over for a one-night-only show on the island. In recent years, Elvis and Robbie Williams impersonators, the Cheeky Girls, aswell as world class DJs, came to Zakynthos to perform for the tourist crowds.

Live Muisic and kareoke in Zante


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There are a number of bars around the island of Zante, mainly in the tourist resorts, where you can partake in a spot of Karaoke or catch a live music event. There are a number of singers on the island who entertain tourists with their vocal skills.

In all of the main resorts in Zante you are sure to find a Karaoke Bar, or at least a bar with a karaoke set. Simply wandering down the main street of your resort, you will see the evening events advertised outside the different bars and restaurants.


Most of the island singers move around the resorts during the week so you should be able to catch a few of them in your resort at some point during your holiday in Zante. Make sure you look out for the upcoming events noted in advertisements around the main Zante resorts as there are some great singers resident on the island during the summer season.

Following many f the weddings we have captured in Zante the wedding receptions contain Greek Entertainment with live Greek music with piano and bouzouki, played by famous Zakynthian bouzouki musician Dimitris. The Greek entertainment is usually always followed by live DJ music with a UK DJ.


The main resorts in Zante are full of DJ entertainment. You are likely to find a great bar where you feel cpomfortable returning night after night!

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