Zante Celebrations

Zakynthos really comes alive at certain times throughout the year when the local people of Zakynthos celebrate or commemorate.

The main occasions marked by the people of Zakyntho are Carnival, Easter and St Dionisios Day - all highlights in the Zakynthos calendar!


Christmas in Zakynthos Zante

During the festive season, the Municipality of Zakynthos organizes various events for children of all ages. These take place at the Christmas Village in St. Mark’s Square. Santa Claus offers his little friends many toys, sweets and bundles of Christmas joy.

Christmas is a charming time in Zante, you will often here local Zakynthian kandathes singers in the streets singing local Christmas songs. The Christmas tree is put up in the middle of San Marco square and sparkles over the town.

christmas in zante zakynthos



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celebrations in zante bring the island to life

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There are a number of special events in Zakynthos each year.

The Zakynthian people go out of their way to honour the traditions of the past, both in commemorating and celebrating special events throughout the year. People of all ages participate in a variety of wonderful events and special occasions, with a unified spirit that attracts people, not only from around the island, but many visitors from all over Greece.

Carnival in Zante Zakynthos Greek Islands


Carnival, which takes place over fifteen days in February and March, is one of the most popular celebrations for Zakythians. Colourful events which take place, including activities for all ages, make life fun and exciting for all!

As tradition would have it ‘Town Criers’ spread the news about Carnival across the town. Numerous carnival processions take place, among them a nightly carnival procession and “Piccolo Carnevale” for little children.

The ‘Venetian Wedding’, a theatrical type procession, provides a step back to the Venetian Era in Zakynthos. Many people are dressed up to take part in a typical old style Venetian Weddings, with a bride and groom, and all the ceremony this would have involved.

Another wonderful spectacle, the Great Carnival Procession, leads finally to a night time finale, entitled ‘Povero Carnevale’ that concludes the carnival season.

This is a great time to be in Zante. Despite Carnival falling outside of the typical tourist season, this is a chance to experience Greece and Zakynthos at its most traditional and entertaining. The people really get into the carnival spirit and there is fun to be had by all.

St. Dionisios Celebrations in Zante Zakynthos Greek Islands


Twice a year the Zakynthian people hold celebrations to honor the Patron Saint of the Island of Zante, Saint Dionisios. The summer celebration is the biggest, taking place on the 24th of August every year.

Leading up to the big day, a large outdoor bizarre is set up at the bottom of Zante town, close to St. Dionisios Church. You will find everything for sale in here, from kitchen utensils to clothing, and at very good prices.

On the afternoon of St.Dionisios day is the main parade. The body of the Saint, in a gold and glass casket, is walked through the streets, accompanied by a procession of priests, soldiers and politicians. People travel from far and wide to attend this procession, many sick people lie on the road and let the casket pass over them – believing the Saint to be capable of performing miracles.

Afterwards, Zante town is always buzzing with people – being the peak of the summer months, filled with Greeks and foreign tourists. There is always a fantastic fireworks display to mark the end of this important religious day.

Easter in Zakynthos Zante Greek Islands


Easter has always been celebrated in a special way in Zakynthos with aa number of religious processions and traditions.

The celebrations have recently been enriched by the Municipality, with the addition of the Good Monday Oratory, which harmoniously intertwines music into the ceremonial part of Easter in Zakynthos.

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