Keep fit on holiday in Zante!
The prospect of lounging around in the sun while on holiday has a definite charm. But add to that an abundance of delicious Zakynthian food and drink and you might fine you have the undesirable side effect of piling on the pounds!

With the stress of work and running a home removed from your schedule, and with plenty of free time on your hands, your holiday in Zakynthos provides an ideal opportunity to get your body into great shape, and reset your goals for a whole new you!

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Michele Wilburn producer presenter of Energyia Kinetics

With warm sunny weather, exercising and pampering outdoors can be so much healthier as you tap into feel-good factors of sunshine, warmth, fresh air, and the bounties of the sea. With a little imagination you can turn this beautiful island into a playground to strengthen and streamline your body.

Whether you set off on a bike ride, walk through forest trails, take a hike through the countryside or enjoy a brisk beach walk, exercising outdoors provides a real sense of achievement, and a great ‘feel good’ factor.

Whatever your activity, warm up and mobilize your body beforehand. Choose suitable shoes, wear a hat, keep fresh water at hand, and don’t forget the sunscreen! You should not exercise strenuously during extremely hot, humid weather, or within the two hours following a meal.

Incorporating healthy activities into your holiday in Zakynthos is definitely no bore or chore. Research shows that you don’t have to work out for an hour at a time to keep your body in great shape. With regular ten minute bursts of exercise woven into your day you’ll reap great results. What's more, activities involving shorter bouts of exercise are actually more effective at promoting weight loss. It doesn't matter whether you burn the calories in one long workout, or several shorter ones.
Here are a few suggestions for ways to stay fit and have fun during your stay in Zakynthos.

Enjoy a fitness holiday with Energyia fitness in Greek Islands

Beach Walks

A brisk beach walk strengthens leg muscles, streamlines your thighs, tones calves, and firms your buttocks. When walking check that your foot strike begins at the heel, then rolls fully through the ball of your foot. Swing your arms at a right angle, close to your torso. You’ll burn around nine to ten kcal per minute.

Water Workouts

Swimming breaststroke for ten minutes at a comfortable pace will burn nearly one hundred calories. Want to burn more? Go faster or stay in the water for longer!

Swimming and water workouts provide a whole-body workout for strength and flexibility, with great cardiovascular benefits. You don’t have to attend a water aerobics class. When in the sea or swimming pool simply include a variety of moves in spontaneous water workouts.

Try walking in the water slowly for fifteen seconds, then at a medium pace for fifteen seconds, then running for fifteen seconds. Repeat alternating forward and backwards for a couple of minutes. Other simple water moves include Jump Jacks, High Knee Lifts, and Side and Back Kicks.

Beach Tennis

Enjoy a run around with your friends while on holiday in Zante. Beach tennis is not only good for a laugh, but great for developing a firm set of pins and a bum to die for! The uneven surface of the sand will make your legs work like never before, and tone and tighten your buttocks to the max. Expect to burn in excess of nine kcal per minute with this exercise.


Make friends with a frisbee and have fun in the sand and sea in Zakynthos. Racing around with a frisbee provides great exercise for your legs, waist, arms and shoulders. You will be burning around six kcal per minute, even at low intensity.

Get out and about on a bicycle

Discover the natural charm of the Zakynthian countryside on a bicycle. You’ll find bikes for hire in all the main resorts and from many hotels.

When cycling in Zakynthos you get a great workout for your heart, lungs and legs, burning five to twelve kcal a minute. Always wear a helmet for safety.

Scuba Diving

If you’re seeking adventure in the sea during your holiday in Zante, the scuba diving schools in Zakynthos put a tank on your back to ensure you get a great underwater view of the Zakynthian world. You'll be burning at least twelve kcal a minute down there exploring the deeps!


If exploring down deep is not your thing, get a snorkel and flippers and stay on the surface of the sea. There’s great marine life in Zakynthos, even in the shallows. Plus, you'll be burning over six kcal a minute.


Get fighting fit, and pick up a golden Zakynthian tan at the same time, with a game of beach volleyball. Many beaches have a volleyball facility in Zakynthos, providing great fun and a fantastic workout for arms, legs and core muscles. What's more, you’ll be burning more than nine kcal a minute at moderate intensity, running around on the volley ball court.

Water Sports Galore on Zante Beaches

You are spoilt for choice with a variety of water sport activities in Zakynthos. You can refine your balance and agility on a windsurfer, getting a great all over body workout, or streamline your hips and thighs on a pedalo, which is also great for the abs and torso.

You’ll be burning between five to twelve kcal minute, having fun out there on the sea. Or for the same number of calories you can shape up your arms and torso whilst paddling a canoe. Even bouncing on the water trampolines scattered around the island will burn up to fifteen kcal a minute.


Some serious sailing is another great way to burn the calories. If you are sailing a boat, you can tour around the island of Zakynthos, with docks available in Zakynthos Town, Laganas, Alykes and Limni Keri.

There are also a number of opportunities to rent a sailing boat privately for a day with a captain, this way you can enjoy your own private tour of Zante Island.

Tennis in Zakynthos

Not many of the hotels provide tennis courts, but there is a great tennis club in Zakynthos which you are welcome to use for a game of tennis on holiday in Zante, and you can even book professional tennis coaching sessions if you are keen.

There are also three free courts in Zante Town, right on the waterfront, on the Krioneri Road. You can turn up and play here if the courts are free, there is a chalk board to book a court in advance.

Hiking and walking on holiday in Zakynthos

Depending on which region you are about to explore in Zakynthos, you will soon discover that Zante has a variety of terrain, from peaceful bays and beaches, to steep cliffs and mountains, all of which are quite easy to explore when hiking.

There are many hiking paths in Zakynthos, our favourite being the Gerekas trail around in the Southern Vasilikos region. The mountain villages of Kilomeno, Keri and Maherado are ideal for exploring, with pretty views and villages where you can stop and enjoy local hospitality while out and about.

Zante Water Parks

There are now three water park in Zante, the largest being the Water Village located on the main road towards Sarakenado. This is another fun way to stay active during your holiday in Zakynthos. Climbing the hundreds of stairs up to the slides will definitely keep your legs in shape!

Horse riding in Zakynthos

There is a variety of horse riding farms around Zakynthos, close to all of the main resorts.

Horse riding in Zante provides adventurous recreational activity, with beautiful views over Zante. Riding horses in Zakynthos helps you explore routes through the woods and olive groves where you can catch a glimpse of parts of Zakynthos island that most tourists don't get to see.

Gym Workouts on holiday in Zante

Many of the larger hotels will provide basic gym facilities. Alternatively, if you are looking for a gym workout while in Zakynthos, ladies can visit Silhouette Gym, on the river in Zakynthos Town, where you can pay by the hour for a class, or to use the gym equipment. Telephone 26950 27502

Dance the Night Away

As the sun goes down over Zakynthos the fun doesn’t stop! With some of the best night clubs in Greece, Greek dancing shows, and hotel entertainment, you have every excuse to get up and boogie! Work up a summer sweat on the dance floor and burn between five to fifteen kcal a minute, getting a great workout for your whole body.

Get your body into great shape, revitalize your energy, and recharge your wellbeing, all while here on holiday in Zakynthos.

If you like the idea of getting fit while you relax in the Zante sunshine, you can join producer and presenter Michele Wilburn with Energyia Home Spa Fitness programmes in Zante Zakynthos Greek Islands. Pack your bags to go home with tips and techniques for a Whole New You, along with a free DVD featuring her new Zante Energyia Exercise system. Private and Group sessions with Michele are also available.

For more information check out www.energyia.com

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