Holiday of a Lifetime in Zante

Add another dimension to your holiday in Zakynthos by throwing in some self-spa health, exercise sessions and beauty treatments for maximum relaxation.

During your time on an Energyia Fitness Holiday you will enjoy therapeutic bathing in the sulphur sea springs at Xigia beach, and pamper your body with therapeutic mud packs, followed by an olive oil and honey sponge for silky skin. You are guaranteed to return from your holiday in Zakynthos feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Energyia Fitness Self Spa in Zante
On Energyia holisitc fitness holidays in the Greek islands we practise  a series of invigorating Self spa and thalasatherapy routines.

Energyia self-spa and pampering techniques work in harmony with your body, to rebalance mind, body and soul!

The ultimate combination of Energyia holisitc fitnes holiday self-pampering techniques apply a powerful detoxifying body treatment, deeply polishing your skin, enhancing your body and reviatlizing your energy - all with the amazing energy of the Zante sunshine!


Zante Energyia Kinetics Fitness Holidays include a variety of revitalising exercise routines available this year on DVD, with poducer and presenter Michele Wilburn




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Recharge your Well-being on Holiday in Zakynthos - Zante Energyia Fitness Holiday Retreats are taking place throughout the summer on the island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante. If you are looking for a sunshine break to reflect, relax and get your body into great shape, then this could be the fitness holiday for you.


Energyia Holistic fitness holiday retreats take place around the Greek Island of Zakynthos throughout the summer, mainly in the region of Tsilivi and Vasilikos. Developed by author, presenter and producer Michele Wilburn. Energyia fitness holiday activities are performed around each resort region, mainly in outdoor locations close to your accommodation in Zakynthos. Energyia holistic fitness activity retreat holidays in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos include Energyia yoga flow holiday workouts, Energyia Kinetics™ exercise sessions and holistic holiday fitness activities, self spa and thalassatherapy pampering.

Energyia holistic fitness holiday schedules are designed to give you space to pause and reflect, a holiday in the sun, with the best beaches in Greece, to inspire and recharge body & soul! Time is set aside for a perfect blend of fitness holiday activities in Zante Zakynthos,  along with personal time for relaxation and to explore the island of Zakynthos. Share, learn, explore and pamper on this unique holistic fitness holiday with Michele Wilburn.


Learn how to pamper yourself on a Zante Energyia Fitness Holiday

energyia holistic fitness holiday in the greek islands

The Energyia Kinetics Exercise system embraces the Ancient Greek belief in the power of the sea for healing and relaxation. Thalassatherapy spa treatments originate from the Greek words ‘Thalassa’ meaning sea and ‘Therapia’ meaning treatment. While here on and Energyia Holiday you can employ the therapeutic use of sea water to nourish and heal.

Energyia Self-Spa pampering treatments are completely natural, with sessions carried out in the natural environment, and are totally self-applied; you learn techniques to do it yourself!

Below I have written a little about some of the main self-spa techniques we employ during your Energyia Fitness Holidays to achieve maximum relaxation and revitalization.

We visit Xigia Sulphur Springs and Sp[a while you are here for some extraordinary body therapy!


Sea Floating

We spend time each day enjoying a sea float. Floating in the buoyant salt waters of the Ionion Sea, with the high salt content supporting your body weight almost completely, provides a perfect means of total relaxation for body and mind.

Exfoliate with Sand and Sea Salt

We start our Energyia Beach Beauty Routines in Zakynthos with a sand and sea scrub – great for removing dead skin cells and preparing your body for a golden tan. Sand and sea salts are packed with minerals which help draw out toxins and re-balance your skin.

Use a Loofah

When you arrive for your Energyia Fitness Holiday, you will receive a pamper pack with a few essentials – one of which is a loofah!

Loofahs are a natural vegetable cleansing sponge, perfect for exfoliating dead skin. Give yourself an all over loofah scrub whilst bathing in the sea. The loofah scrub polishes your skin and improves circulation. These natural fibre loofahs leave your skin satiny smooth and really well-toned.

Self Massage

During your Energyia Fitness Holiday in Zante you will have the chance to mix your own holiday massage lotion using organic Zakynthian olive oil and honey. You might choose to add a few drops of essential oil to give the final product a fantastic aroma.

Using your new personal massage oil you will be able to treat yourself to a daily massage at the edge of the sea. From top to toe you can indulge your body, boosting circulation, loosening and relaxing muscles and joints.
Olive oil and honey are marvellous beauty boosters.

According to research, by applying cold pressed olive oil to your skin after exposure to the sun, you could even be protecting against skin cancer. Olive oil contains large amounts of vitamin E and antioxidants, which protect against cancer and damage to cells.

Mud packs

Many of our guests report that the chance to bathe in natural mud is one of the highlights of their stay in Zakynthos. We head down to the beautiful beach of Gerekas to indulge in a natural Zakynthian mud pack, fresh from the beach, to nourish and pamper your skin.

At the end of the beaches of Gerakas and Porto Zoro sea salt mud can be found in the sea at the base of the cliffs. It’s best to apply your mud pack following a loofah scrub in the sea. Once you have exfoliated, scoop up a handful of mud and plaster it over your body. Lie back, bask in the sun and wait for the mud to set before washing it off in the pure waters of the Ionion Sea.

You will be amazed at how silky your skin feels after this all natural beauty treatment!

Sea sponge

Along with your loofah, when you arrive at your Energyia Holiday in Zante, you will also find a natural sea sponge waiting for you in your pamper pack. These little gems are a great way to keep your skin soft and healthy.

Originating in the Eastern Mediterranean, soft sea sponges are the most caring way to cleanse and massage your skin, turning your beauty routine into a luxurious treat. Sea sponges are softly textured and suitable for the most sensitive skin. Mediterranean sea sponges are a natural and hygienic alternative to synthetic sponges, as they absorb more water and are easier to keep clean.

At the end of a relaxing day on the beach, before showering for the evening, we recommend that our guests dab a sea sponge in their mixture of olive oil and honey and gently pat it onto your face and body.

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