An Evening in Zante Town
Zante Town comes to life in the evening from in Zante, Zakynthos, Greek islands, about 6pm onwards.

In the peak summer months the town is bustling with tourists and locals alike, you will no doubt enjoy the Greek Island summer vibes in Zante Town with street performers, yachts and shops to admire!

Keep in mind that most of the shops are closed from 2pm to 6pm daily and do not open at all in the afternoon on Wednesday if you want to combine an evening of shopping with eating in town make sure you come at the right time.



Cafes & tavernas Zante
Just a little further up from Solomos Square, you will find St Marco Square. This smaller square is home to Greece's first bank and the only Catholic Church on the island, as well as the Museum of Solomos and Kalvos. In this historical square you will find two more popular cafes Casino and San Marco. Both serve up delicious drinks and offer you the chance to sit and watch life taking place in this historic and charming Greek square.

A number of summer restaurants are also located down one side of San Marco square. There are a mixture of eateries here Italian, Greek and international all sitting side by side. You can choose which cuisine you feel like and enjoy eating amongst all of the Greek Island summer hustle and bustle.


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 Zante Town - Cafes, Bars and tavernas

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Whether you visit Zante Town, the capital of Zakynthos, by day or by night you will be spoilt for choice with the many tavernas, restaurants and bars available here.

Zante town has two main squares; Solomos Square and San Marco Square located within about 2minutes walking distance of each other. These are traditionally where the locals would gather and mingle, and many of the larger cafes are still located around these squares.


Base Cafe is one of our definite favorites and one of the most popular cafes in Zante Town with the local people of Zakynthos. Base Cafe is located at the top of Solomos Square. Base has long been a favourite with the local people and in the busier summer months is always buzzing with people. This is a great place to come for a coffee or a cocktail to take in the trendy Greek Island summer atmosphere.


There is also a selection of new and old restaurants and eateries along the Zante town waterfront known as the Strada Marina. Here you can choose from old fashioned fish tavernas or modern eateries. Whichever you choose, you will surely enjoy watching the ferries, sailing boats and yachts rolling into the marina while you savour your Greek island flavours.



On the outskirts of Zante Town, heading towards Tsilivi on the coastal road, you will arrive in an area known as Krioneri. Two of our favourite town tavernas and restaurants are located here.

First you will come to Arekia Taverna, one of the most famous traditional tavernas in Zakynthos. This charming outdoor taverna is set up in the summer in a local basketball court it is a real no frills experience, but very enchanting.

Local kandathes singers serenade the tables with traditional island songs and the food here is always fantastic. You are sure to have a memorable evening at this lovely Greek taverna.

Further along the Krioneri beach road you will come to Nautakia a relatively new restaurant on the outskirts of the town. The food here is of an international standard. You can choose from a selection of really delicious dishes, some of our favourites on the island. The decor is very well finished a nautical theme with a modern edge. If you are spending a night in Zante town, we would highly recommend stopping at Nautakia for your evening meal.

zante tavernas and bars provide a great place to chill out during the warm summer evenings


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